Staten Island eyeglass repairs

Staten Island Eyeglass Repairs

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Eyeglass repairs in Staten Island

Staten Island eyeglass repairs
Staten Island eyeglass repairs

At our Staten Island optometrist office and optical shop we understand how important the choice of glasses is to you and our staff is dedicated to making your decision as easy as possible. Before you choose from the thousands of pairs of designer eyeglass frames our doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes, checking your visual acuity as well as determining the general health of your eyes. We also will fit you for contact lenses. Our optical shop can also perform Staten Island eyeglass repairs.

After the exam we won’t leave you to fend for yourself wandering through the large displays of designer frames at our optical store. Your corrective lens prescription and a discussion about your lifestyle and fashion preferences will allow our trained staff to pinpoint the frames that might be right for you. Speaking of designer frames, our optical shop stocks eyewear from most of today’s brightest designers including Bebe Eyes, Ray-Ban, Converse, Azzaro, Emporio Armani, John Varvatos, Valentino, Eyefunc Lacoste, Vince Camuto, Easyclip and many more. In addition to the large selection of designer frames our optical store offers the latest in lens technologies to fit inside those frames. There have been great strides made in making lenses lighter and giving them greater anti-scratch and anti-glare properties, as well as more flexible multi-focal capabilities. Our caring staff will make sure your completed eyeglasses are the perfect marriage of frames and lenses for your vision needs and your fashion sense. If anything should ever happen to your glasses our optician can do Staten Island eyeglass repairs to mend it.

Aside from a wonderful selection of designer our optical shop endeavors to make fashionable eyewear as affordable as possible. Our optical stores have frequent specials on eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses making your choice of an eye care provider much simpler, or we can perform Staten Island eyeglass repairs on your favorite pair of frames so you can reuse them. We cater to your designer eyewear and vision needs so why not pay us a visit so you can look and see better.

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