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Staten Island Eye Care
Staten Island Eye Care

When you are in need of an expert eye doctor, you will want to receive your Staten Island eye care at The Vision Gallery, Ltd. Dr. Jennifer Haber, our highly-trained optometrist, stands ready to help you with your eye care needs. She offers comprehensive eye exams as well as contact lens exams and fittings. We also have a progressive lens specialist on staff should you be in the market for no line bifocal lenses.

Your Staten Island eye care doctor at the Vision Gallery, Ltd. will check your eyes for vision problems; diagnose any eye disease; prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses; and can also prescribe drugs to treat some eye problems. She can also remove foreign bodies from the eye, in emergencies. Additionally, if she determines through an eye exam that you probably have diabetes or high blood pressure, she will refer you for additional medical care by a medical doctor.

When you visit your eye doctor for Staten Island eye care, your comprehensive eye exam can take up to one hour to complete. It involves much more than simply reading an eye chart. Your eye exam at The Vision Gallery, Ltd. will include many tests to help screen your eye health and vision clarity. Tests that will be performed during an eye exam by Dr. Haber include: visual acuity tests to measure the sharpness of your vision; a color blindness test; a cover test to determine how well your eyes work together to form a single vision; a retinoscopy to determine an approximate eyeglass prescription; refraction exam to determine an exact eyeglass prescription; slit lamp exam to examine the structure of your eye and screen for cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal ulcers or diabetic retinopathy; a glaucoma test; and a pupil dilation test to further screen for any eye problems or diseases. If you are interested in contact lenses, additional tests will be done and measurements taken to make sure that your contacts are not only the right visual prescription, but also an excellent fit. If you have not had a complete eye exam in some time, you will want to visit us at The Vision Gallery, Ltd. so that you can be sure that your eyes are healthy. When it comes to eye care, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And after your eye exam, why not treat yourself to a great new pair of designer eyeglasses from our designer eyeglass showroom!

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