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Eyeglasses in Richmond

A lot of us need prescription eyeglasses or contacts, but some of us suffer from what are called disorders of accommodation. This means we need to get progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are used in corrective lenses to correct disorders like presbyopia. This disorder is one that accompanies growing older, because with age, comes a reduced ability for or eyes to focus on close objects. Just like wrinkles and gray hair, presbyopia is just another unfortunate part of getting older. This is a great reason to stop by The Vision Gallery, Ltd., the Richmond eyeglass store that provides patients with the best comprehensive optical care to fit their every need.

These lenses are called progressive because starting at the top of the lens, there’s are gradual increase in lens power moving down to the bottom of the lens. There are also advantages to progressive lenses. You can use the same pair of glasses to drive to the store or read a book, and the progressive lenses are generally a bit more attractive to patients than regular bifocals. Here at The Vision Gallery, Ltd., we’re very happy to offer progressive lenses to our patients.

On top of offering our patients access to progressive lenses, our other services include comprehensive eye exams, contact lens exams and fittings, a great selection of high-quality eyewear with designer frames and sunglasses, prescription duplication, and eyeglass repairs. It doesn’t matter if one of our patients wants the most expensive pair of designer eyeglasses or just a routine eye exam, or staff of optical experts here at The Vision Gallery, Ltd., will go far and beyond to meet the need of every customer. We’re the Richmond eyeglass store who promises to give you more.

Here at The Vision Gallery, Ltd., we’ve been providing premier eye care to Staten Island for almost 15 years. Our expert staff will help make patients feel comfortable and confident moving forward with a vision treatment plan. Our Richmond eyeglass store is located on Hylan Boulevard in Staten Island, and we have plenty of parking spots available in our lot. So stop into our store, and get your vision back today!

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