Optometrist in New Dorp

Optometrist in New Dorp

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Comprehensive eye exams in New Dorp

At Vision Gallery our optometrist in New Dorp provides comprehensive eye exams to check eyes and make sure they are functioning properly. Without the correct eye care, patients may have eyes that worsen over time without them realizing it. A routine eye exam can detect diabetes and other health issues. Routine eye exams reveal many different things about a patient’s eyes.

Diabetes,for instance, can cause bleeding in the capillaries of the eyes, which can be detected with an eye test. It can cause diabetic retinopathy if left untreated, and can cause blindness. If caught early enough, diabetic retinopathy can be alleviated before damage is caused to the retina and vision loss occurs. Certain lifestyle changes can help ward off the effects of diabetes, such as diet and exercise. Those at risk for diabetes include people who are overweight, women with gestational diabetes, and those with a family history or ethnicity that is predisposed to diabetes. Our optometrist in New Dorp can perform specialized testing that looks for this and other kinds of eye diseases.

Our offices are open Tuesday through Saturday to best serve our patients. This allows us to cater to our patients who need weekend care and who can’t make it in during the week. Our optometrist in New Dorp proudly offers services such as glaucoma and cataract testing, prescriptions for new glasses, and eyeglass repairs. We have a progressive lens specialist on staff for hard to meet prescriptions. We handle all types of eye prescriptions and eye conditions. For more information, call our office today. We can help you take charge of your health and provide you with the eye treatment you and your family need. Our staff is here to answer questions, schedule appointments and educate you on our services.

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