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Have you been having increasing difficulty reading or working at a computer, even though your sight is currently being correcting be a preexisting prescription for an optical condition through ophthalmic eyeglass lenses? It could be more than an out-of-date prescription for your current problem, but a developing condition in addition to your current optical illness, known as presbyopia. Often diagnosed in patients over the age of 40, this condition causes the lenses of your eyes to stiffen with age, making it difficult to see at close range. For presbyopia treatment in addition to your current sight condition, your sight require correction at multiple distances through progressive or bifocal glasses from your local Dongan Hills opticians. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff at the Vision Gallery, Ltd can assist in you finding the perfect fit from our wide selection for your best sight yet.

Progressive Lenses Dongan Hills
Progressive Lenses Dongan Hills

Bifocal eyeglass lenses are the most commonly used and traditional forms of optical correction to give you clear vision for you optical problems in addition to presbyopia. These reading glasses are designed by the optical experts with leading technology of your trusted Dongan Hills opticians so that the dividing line that works to divide your optical prescriptions is aligned perfectly with the lower lid of your eyes. When your eyes move to read through any pair of prescription, they automatically look downward through the bottom of your lens. This proper alignment allows for your eyes to see easily at all distances by placing the right prescription where your eyes naturally look, so you can adjust easily and without problems to your bifocal eyeglasses.

However, other patients are concerned about the cosmetic appearance of bifocal lenses, as some believe the dividing line on their lenses makes them appear greater in age, even as this line often makes it easier for many presbyopia patients to see. For this reason, others at our Dongan Hills opticians prefer to have their presbyopia corrected through progressive eyeglasses instead, as these lenses can be made with up to three levels of prescription without any dividing lines, for the look of regular eyeglasses, with all of the benefits of bifocals. Some find progressive lenses more difficult to adjust too without the dividing line, but are knowledgeable experts are always happy to assist you with ways to help this period become easier for you until seeing progressive lenses becomes natural for you.

Not matter what your decision is, be it bifocals for ease of use, or progressive for a more gradual shift from on prescription to the next, you can find a wide selection of both bifocal and progressive prescription eyeglasses at your neighborhood Dongan Hills opticians of the Vision Gallery, Ltd. No matter what your level of correction is, you can be sure to find the care and multifocal lenses you need to see clearly at any range with the Vision Gallery.

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