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Progressive lenses in New Dorp

Being able to see clearly is a matter of utmost importance for individuals with vision needs. Vision impairments vary from person to person, and each prescription is totally unique. While many people use glasses to treat such conditions, lenses can be customized per prescription and speciality lenses can be used for certain needs as well. For special lenses like Progressive lenses, New Dorp optometry has everything you need. Here at The Vision Gallery, Ltd. we can help you update your prescription, find new frames, and get the speciality lenses you need to achieve 20/20 vision every day.

Here at The Vision Gallery, Ltd. we offer a wide range of services. Serving the Staten Island area with the best care and the most advanced technology in the field, we offer comprehensive eye exams and compassionate service. In addition to eye exams we also offer contact lens exams and fittings, eyeglass repairs, and we even have a Progressive Lens specialist on staff for patients interested in these speciality lenses. Progressive lenses are a good option for people who would otherwise use bifocals or trifocals. A progressive lens is an eyeglass lens with a smooth transition between parts with different focal lengths, correcting for vision at all distances. This makes the transition from each section of the lens much more seamless and much easier on the eye to manage. People with bifocals and trifocals can sometimes experience eye strain if they need to wear their lenses all the time, but progressive lenses can help reduce strain and improve overall comfort. New Dorp optometry offers patients a wide range of options lens-wise and frame wise, carrying many well-known designer name brands as well as more affordable styles, too.

If you are looking for a Progressive lens expert, then visit The Vision Gallery, Ltd. For New Dorp optometry and all things eye care, visit our office at 2351 Hylan Boulevard today.

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