Kids eye specialist in Staten Island NY

Kids Eye Specialist in Staten Island NY

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Pediatric eye exams in Staten Island NY

Kids eye specialist in Staten Island NY
Kids eye specialist in Staten Island NY

Too often, people mistakenly believe that only adults need to get regular eye exams. Pediatric eye exams are just as important; and for certain reasons, are even more important that eye exams for adult patients. If it’s been a while since your children’s last eye exam, you should schedule an appointment with a Kids eye specialist in Staten Island NY.

It’s extremely important that all children see a Kids eye specialist in Staten Island NY like one of ours at The Vision Gallery, Ltd. for regular comprehensive eye examinations. A comprehensive eye examination is a valuable tool to help protect their vision. If your children lack clear vision, they will struggle in school. If your children have a vision problem, it will interfere with their ability to learn in school; especially in the critical areas of reading and writing. Undetected eye conditions can often be mistaken for learning disabilities. While there are learning disabilities that cause children to struggle in school, sometimes the reason they’re struggling is solely due to a vision problem. If your children have vision problems that go undetected, their educational struggles will progressively get worse. Since comprehensive eye exams are thorough and can detect many vision problems, eye diseases and conditions that might otherwise be overlooked, it is very important that you don’t skip their appointment. Comprehensive eye exams can detect much more than refractive errors. Even more importantly, they’re able to detect certain eye diseases that aren’t detectable without the exam due to lack of symptoms that could cause vision loss if they’re not dealt with early enough. Early diagnosis is the key to the best possible outcome. Eye conditions are much easier to treat when they’re found early, and this can most likely prevent it from progressing. Also, once your children’s vision problems and/or eye conditions are treated, they will no longer interfere with their ability to read, write and perform other vision-related school tasks.

If your children are due for an eye exam, don’t hesitate. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment with our Kids eye specialist in Staten Island NY.

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